A better love poem

20180531_184912_Film1-02.jpeg                               I love that we don’t have to put anything between us

That we can sit in silence

Mulling over our own thoughts

Being completely at ease

At least that’s how I feel


We can roll down windows and smell the sun-warmed sweet-grass

Breathing in and out

I don’t know exactly what I think about in those kinds of moments with you

I don’t think I think

I think

I just am


I once wrote a little ditty about this feeling between us

About how easy it was

When we sat in silence together

to fit into each other’s grooves

how easy it was to sidle up against one another’s awareness and love

                                                pushing and melding into each other like a dovetail joint

It’s a fucking treat

Like small, tart apples whose cores turn into little offerings after they’ve been tossed into the river


We’ve gotten in the way of each other before

I know that

And in spite of these modern-day tropes of self before others and emotional boundaries and lines

I kept you on my mind

In my thoughts

I put you up in the hallways of my eyelids

I framed your face and the length of your eyelashes

And I painted those thin walls with your calm and steady sense of balance; it’s that classic color of red wine – if you were curious


This is starting to remind me of what it feels like when I’ve eaten too much pudding. Sickly sweet.

So, I’ll put down the spoon in a moment.


When we go on our little trips

I lose a sense of self

Regan as a body loses precedence.

I become something that seems like it would shimmer in sunlight if our eyes could ever perceive it



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